Each house and yard has its own unique features which would govern its landscaping needs. Many of these needs will be overlooked if careful thought is not given before a landscape is installed. Seeing and evaluating these needs are best done by an objective professional designer. Scott's designers are trained to be aware of all the variables that should be considered when planning a landscape. (See the before and after picture above) They also have the horticultural knowledge to choose which plants can meet these needs. Together with your input and the expertise of the designers at Scott's, the ideal design for your home will be created.

Professionally Designed


Through the use of our landscape design service, you will realize both monetary and aesthetic benefits. Not only will a professionally designed landscape increase the value of the home an average of 12%, but it also creates a pleasant first impression which can affect how quickly you are able to sell your home in the future. With careful consideration of your site's unique features and your own perceptions, our designer will create a beautiful landscape which will set your home above the rest.

Scott's has established itself as the Metro East's leader in landscape design and installation and first to apply computer imaging technology to the design process. Scott's design staff will, through computer imaging, show clients their landscape prior to installation. This service is available exclusively at Scott's.

Landscaped Seasonal Management Program

Lawn Services

We offer landscaped seasonal management programs for Spring, Summer, and Fall. We offer something as simple as clean up a couple times per year or a weekly program for a family that is just too busy to keep up with it or an elderly couple that needs a hand.

Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting enhances every commercial and residential building by creating dramatic effects with lights. Creative light placement not only allows the beauty of gardens, decks and other outdoor areas to be enjoyed after dark, but provides safety and security as well. We will help you add polish to your landscape for extended nighttime enjoyment with effects ranging from dramatic to enchanting - depending on your personal wishes.  To create dramatic effects in landscape illumination, we have adapted theater lighting techniques. During a demonstration at your home or office, we will show you how the following techniques enhance your landscape:

Cross Lighting

Is a technique in which two or more beams of light bathe a landscaping feature. In this application, the unusual interaction of beams of light can yield much visual artistry.

Uplighting Is implemented to highlight visually interesting objects such as fountains, statues or tree canopies.


Provides imaginative illumination on a broad surface behind a landscaping feature. It creates a visual backdrop for the landscape, adding depth.


Is a versatile technique used for illuminating a wide range of landscape features. Pools, gardens, ponds, and gazebos become more visually impressive.


Adds visual interest as well as safety and security to your home or office. Fixtures installed along a walkway direct foot traffic and provide light to assure proper footing.

Scott's has made a commitment to provide the highest quality lighting service in the metro east area. Scott's uses only the highest quality lighting products available in the industry.

From evening demonstrations at your home or office, to a personal guided tour of the illuminated gardens at the Garden Center and the Farmhouse Gift Shop, let the professionals at Scott's help you create a distinctive impression that puts your home or office in its very best light.

Water Features


Complete with fountain or waterfall, a garden pond heightens the allure of any garden setting, adding shimmering reflections, glistening movements, and the sounds of nature. Water, whether moving or still, creates a mood of tranquility. This peaceful focal point in your garden will provide endless hours of pleasure.


The water element may be presented in many styles and forms, from a small simple fountain to a large pond fed by a re-circulating stream and waterfall. Perhaps you prefer the natural appearance of a free-form pond edged only with bog plants, or you may require the more formal look of a geometrically shaped pond bordered by a sweeping brick patio. Whatever your needs, the professionals at Scott's will guide you in the choice of water element you desire.


Upon contacting Scott's for assistance with your water gardening needs, a member of the design team will meet with you at your home for an assessment. During this consultation, information will be obtained regarding the size, shape, and style of water garden you want. Plant choices appropriate to your setting will be discussed at this time.


Utilizing the information received at the meeting, the designer will rely on years of experience and knowledge of water gardening to take your wishes and create the ideal water garden for your landscape.

After installation, a visit to the Garden Center is in order. A water gardening expert will be available to help you with your pond care. A complete line of aquatic supplies, fish and water plants are available. The Garden Center hosts several water gardening seminars throughout the year.


The sight and sound of moving water is both relaxing and entrancing. Sitting outdoors, hearing the echoing cascade of a waterfall elicits a feeling of well-being. Let Scott's help you create your own little piece of paradise by incorporating a water feature into your garden landscape.

Patios and Walks








Whether it's a brick or flagstone patio for entertaining, or a brick walk to the back fence, paving is one way to greatly enhance the beauty and value of your property. The design team at Scott's is available to help you choose the type of paving best suited to your needs.










Some points that you'll want to take into consideration include: Surface feature affects comfort underfoot, ease of maintenance and safety. Smooth pavings, for example, are easy to maintain and are good for entertaining, but when wet, may be slippery.


Appearance reflects your taste in color, texture and pattern. Whether it's the natural appearance of flagstone or the formal look of Diamondstone pavers, choose what you like as well as what best suits your lifestyle - you're likely to live with it a long time. Maintenance of paved surfaces simply requires sweeping, hosing or blowing. Smooth surfaces are easier to maintain than rough textures; grouted joints are easier to clean than those left open.


The paving materials of choice for the design team at Scott's include brick pavers and flagstone. Brick pavers, available in many types and sizes, are utilized because of their beauty, permanence and maintenance-free character. Brick allows for flexibility in the design process while adding a touch of distinction to your home with looks ranging from elegant to sophisticated informality. Flagstone is one of the most durable outdoor surfaces available. The size and weight of flagstone adds stability to a structure while creating an aura of simple dignity and beauty.

Ideas and inspiration, or basic practical information, whichever you are seeking, you'll find in abundance at Scott's.

Retaining Walls

In many situations, the topography of the landscape requires additional excavation and the use of retaining walls. At Scott's we can change a topographic eyesore or structural instability into the focal point of your landscape.

Scott's installs three basic types of retaining wall structures: concrete rock-faced blocks, natural cut drywall stone, and natural boulders.

Walls 1

Concrete Rock-Faced Products

Such as Versa-lok, Anchor Diamond Stone and Keystone provide structural integrity to projects that may involve heights (up to 30 feet), multi level terracing or stairs.

Walls 2

Natural Cut Drywall Stone

Adds beauty and character to the landscape. The various colors and textures of natural stone help create the gradual connection between the architectural features of a structure and the environment. Natural cut drywall stone is aesthetically pleasing and a client favorite for use in small to moderate retaining structures.


Natural Boulders

Can be effectively used for retention in the landscape. Depending on the type of boulder utilized, many different appearances can be achieved. Ledge rock or weathered limestone add texture and a more rugged appearance to the landscape while glacier smoothed granite boulders incorporate color and character to the setting. Scott's Landscaping has been an industry leader in the metro east area for many years, and enjoys a reputation for high quality product installation and service for commercial and residential applications. From modest borders to towering geosynthetic reinforcement walls, Scott's Landscaping can take your business or residential needs in this area to new heights.


The use of walls adds both beauty and functionality to your landscape.










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